About Us

About Us

Founded in February, 2019, we are an organization of health professionals and scientists who care about stroke and other cerebrovascular diseases in childhood.   We developed out of our original collaborative network, the International Pediatric Stroke Study (IPSS), and now aim to broaden the scope of our mission beyond research.


Our Mission

to improve the lives of children across the globe with stroke or at risk for stroke through research, education, and advocacy.

Our Vision

a world in which all children with stroke benefit from the most recent advances in scientific knowledge and technology

Strategic Priorities

Develop, implement and grow an international and multi-disciplinary membership program for health professionals and scientists interested in pediatric cerebrovascular disease.

Develop and implement a suite of educational programming activities for health professionals and affected families.

Identify and support existing and new research initiatives.

Develop and launch a pediatric stroke awareness campaign.

Engage with parent advocacy groups

Create an advocacy campaign aimed at preventing stroke in at risk children, and improving the outcomes of pediatric stroke survivors



Social justice

The ethical conduct of research

Rigor and reproducibility of research results

Empowerment of individuals through the dissemination of knowledge


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