Case Conference Webinars

Case Conference Webinars

 We are excited to announce IPSO launched a case conference web series hosted by the IPSO Education Committee.

Goals of the Conference

Each conference will have 2 case presentations and a panel of specialists to lead the discussion. The panelists will be will be chosen based on the cases submitted. In the submission form, members will be able to request if a specific specialty is needed on the panel, like hematology, neuroradiology, neurosurgery, occupational/speech therapist, neurology,occupational/speech therapist, neurology and other medical professionals not listed.

Attendees will be able to participate through the chat box. All conferences will be recorded and kept in a members-only portal to be viewed at any time.


Create an online venue to discuss challenging pediatric stroke cases with a multi-disciplinary panel of experts

Foster pediatric stroke education across multiple specialties

Develop new connections among ISPO members around the world

Continue to further pediatric stroke education and research across the world


Are you interested in participating in IPSO’S Challenging Case Conference? Members can access the Case Submission form in the Members Only Area


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