IPSO Committees

IPSO Committees

IPSO will send out periodic emails to IPSO members when volunteers for committees are needed.  Members may also contact IPSO to express interest in joining a committee.

Executive Committee

Role: The IPSO officers constitute the IPSO Executive Committee (EC), responsible for carrying out the duties of the full IPSO Board of Directors when it is not in session.  The EC meets weekly with the IPSO administrative team to oversee the operations of the organization.  The EC also oversees the work of the other IPSO committees.


President:  Heather Fullerton; San Francisco, United States
Vice-President & Chair, Board of Directors:  Adam Kirton; Calgary, Canada
Secretary & Treasurer:  Lori Jordan; Nashville, United States

Expression of Interest

Are you interested in joining a committee?  If so, please Email Us with the following information:

  • Committee(s) you are particularly interested in, in order of preference
  • Your nationality and specialty (we are aiming for diverse representation—international and multidisciplinary)
  • Are you interested in chairing a committee?  Every committee chair automatically becomes a member of the IPSO Steering Committee.
  • Anything special about your background or experience that would be relevant to a particular committee?
Steering Committee

Role: The purpose of the IPSO Steering Committee (SC) is to set the overall direction and priorities of the organization and to create and coordinate the IPSO subcommittees and working groups.  The SC will be a “Board Committee” as defined in Article V, Section 1, of the IPSO, Inc., Bylaws.  Members of the SC include the directors of the IPSO Board (including the IPSO officers), the Chairs of the IPSO Committees and Subspecialty Councils, the IPSS Scientific Director, and the IPSO and IPSS Administrative Directors.

Members: TBD

Communications Committee

Role: Work with IPSO central staff to oversee IPSO communications such as the IPSO blog and twitter feed. Vet content submitted by IPSO members (such as blog posts), generate new ideas for IPSO communication (such as monthly themes for the blog/tweets), and help generate new content as needed.


Chair: Jenny Wilson; Portland, United States
Co-chair: Peter Sporns; Münster, Germany

Subspecialty Council Chairs

Role: Each subspecialty with sufficient membership in IPSO will have its own Council. The Council includes all IPSO members with the same subspecialty. In the inaugural year, the IPSO EC will name the chair of each subspecialty committee. IPSO will call upon Councils to help achieve IPSO’s goals as needed.  IPSO will also support Councils as they identify their own goals and objectives.

IPSO has only named one Subspecialty Council Chairs thus far. We will continue to identify chairs over the next few months. Contact us if you have any suggestions for your subspecialty.

  • Interventional Neuroradiology (INR): Darren Orbach; Boston, United States
Education Committee

Role: Identify priorities for educational materials for medical providers and patients/families; work with IPSO central staff and volunteers to create content and establish theme-based working groups as needed (such as stroke rehabilitation or brain vascular malformations). This committee will not address issues related to training & mentorship in pediatric neurovascular disease, but if that’s your area of interest, we can connect you to the IPSS Training Committee. 


Chair: Mukta Sharma; Kansas City, United States
Vice Chair: Todd Levy; Philadelphia, United States


Future IPSO Committees

We plan to launch additional IPSO committees and working groups.  Please contact us if you are interested in any of the planned committees below, or have an idea for another committee or working group that you think would help advance the IPSO mission.

Clinical Consensus Committee

Role: To develop consensus around clinical issues, such as “best practices” for the care of children with cerebrovascular disease. This committee will include at least one member from each Specialty Council, and will create ad hoc working groups to address specific issues.

Please contact us if you are interested in this committee.

Ethics Committee

Role: To ensure that IPSO conducts its activities in an ethical way, prevent undue conflicts of interest, and provide advice to the IPSO Board of Directors, IPSO Executive Committee and IPSO Steering Committee regarding engagement with industry, ethical conduct of research, and other ethical concerns. 

Please contact us if you are interested in this committee.

Finance Committee

Role: (as needed) If IPSO ever reaches over 1 million in charity donation, it is required by the state of Delaware and California to have a finance committee.

Please contact us if you are interested in this committee.

Membership and Outreach Committee

Role: To assure proper membership status, investigate any membership concerns or disputes, and provide recommendations to the IPSO Steering Committee on how to strengthen IPSO membership.

Please contact us if you are interested in this committee.

Nominating Committee

Role: To recommend two nominees for each office position open and assist committees with election process as needed.

Please contact us if you are interested in this committee.

Patient Advocacy Committee

Role: To engage with patient/parent advocacy groups, plan community events and develop fundraising and awareness campaigns.

Please contact us if you are interested in this committee.

Scientific Program Committee

Role: To determine the program for the annual IPSO conferences. This committee will solicit program ideas from the full IPSO membership and draft a program that aims to engage multidisciplinary, international attendees, and serves the overall IPSO mission.  The IPSO Steering Committee will review and approve the proposed program. The conferences will alternate between North America and Europe, with additional conferences located on other continents as deemed appropriate the Program Committee and Steering Committee.

Please contact us if you are interested in this committee.

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