COVID-19 and pediatric stroke—is there a connection?

By Heather FullertonOne of our earliest pediatric mechanical thrombectomy cases at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital was during the 2003 SARS global outbreak.  Some of you may remember how children suffered more severe respiratory illnesses with that other coronavirus,...

Pediatric Intracerebral Hemorrhage (PICH)

| Analysis | Observational |Single Site | Grégoire Boulouis, Thomas Blauwblomme, Manoelle Kossorotoff and Olivier Naggara | The PICH study aims at delineating candidate biomarkers to develop targeted therapeutic strategies to improve outcome of children with...

Rehabilitation Early for Congenital Hemiplegia

|Enrolling |Clinical Trial | Multi-Site |Professor Roslyn Boyd | The REACH multisite assessor masked randomized Comparison trial directly compares an equal dose of infant modified Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (Baby CIMT) with infant modified Bimanual upper limb...

Parental Emotional Outcomes in Perinatal Stroke (POPS)

| Enrolling | Observational | Multi-site | Boston Children’s Hospital | Laura Lehman | The POPS study is a prospective multi-site IPSS sub-study that investigates whether an educational video on perinatal stroke etiology will decrease the emotional burden of guilt and...

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